Friday, April 22, 2011

Birthday letters..... Not the ones you get in the mail

Michael's M's......
Wax paper on cookie sheets, multiple M's written with white candy melts in a squeeze bottle and sprinklered with sprinklers before the M's cool off.  I think I made over 50!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Diet advice

I have a friend who is trying to lose some weight.  She asked me for some advice and this is what I said

Do you know what one of my New Year's Resolutions was......

It's ok to be hungry.  I'm not gonna starve.

Did you know that I gave up French fries  for an ENTIRE year!  AND when my kids were young!  It can be done, just make up your mind!

Here's a great idea

Only eat treat's on days that start with S, no exceptions........

Water, Water, Water........ Yuk I KNOW!!!  Smart water does taste better and I feel better on that.  TJ's makes their own smart water that tastes good too and is cheaper.

Costco has these great snap containers for smaller servings.  Great for peanut butter, hummus, granola and cheese slices.

Great snack choices

Cheese and crackers (not kraft cheese, something YOU need to slice)
gouda & milton crackers ( only pack 4 slices & 6 crackers) That's my fav.   Cheddar and wheat thins are fine too, just leave the box at home!
Yogurt & granola (greek with honey and that delicious pumpkin seed granola from TJ's, I don't add all the honey...... too sweet)
banana (boring but very effective)  TJ's has chocolate covered bananas
hummus & one pita slice (pita bread freezes well so you can grab one for you and not let the entire bag spoil)
1/2 half real peanut butter on whole wheat bread (unfortunately you'll want the other half, but you won't have it with you!)
oooooo apple slices and peanut butter,  delicious!
bag of raw almonds
slices of oranges
Cup of soup ( TJ's has this red bell pepper soup that is amazing!!!  1 cup is like 60 calories)  (you'll feel like you are cheating it's so good!)
one slice of toast with avocado
avocado and crackers LOVE THIS!!!  (Brisco's sells cheap avocados).    avocado's are UBER good for you!!!

Find a bread that you like.  You can freeze it and take a slice as you need it.  Bob and I eat the whole wheat, orowheat from costco.
About peanut butter, no jiff or skippy, get the real stuff.  Costco sells Laura Scutters, but so does Albertsons in a smaller size.  TJ's has their own brand too.

Fast food

If you must, and sometimes we must.
DON'T order your own fries.  NEVER!!! Don't do it, you'll eat them!!  ; )
I always ask each of my kids for a fry donation.  Some are more generous than others but I get my fix.
My favourite fast food burger is........ Carl's Famous Star no cheese, no pickle  ( LOVE IT) , however regardless where I eat my burger I only eat the top of the bun and slide the bottom along as I eat it.   (except for the Carl's famous...... I really just love it, don't tell Melissa!!! She hates Carls)
Also Carl's has a great low cal, low fat chicken sandwich, the BBQ chicken sandwich.  There's no mayo, no cheese just grilled chicken breast, lettuce, tomato and BBQ sauce.  It's good...... not the famous star but a great alternative.

Taco bell - Cindy Crawford while pregnant ate the bean and cheese burrito.  And that's what I get..... Can you see the similarities!!?  (WHATEVER!!)  Don't get any meat there?  You can add extra veggies like lettuce and tomato, hold the sour cream  (drat!)  And only order that for yourself.

Mcdonald's (I've completely boycotted, but I don't have little ones so I get it)  & the soda's are cheap.  next time you go through the drive through ask for a nutrition guide. They have a grill chicken sandwich and some salads, but I found them BORING and felt like a heifer chewing through the stuff.  But find something you like and stick with it and NO FRIES!  McDonald's are my FAVOURITE FRIES!  FAVOURITE!!!!  Don't do it!

Jack in the Box has my VERY FAVOURITE healthy snack!!!!!! Chicken Fajita Pita with extra salsa please!!  One is not enough but only order one!!!  & No fries.  I really do like their curly fries.  Talk one of your kids into getting one (they are more pricey) and ask for a donation.  You will not be disappointed.......  unless you eat the whole container.

El Pollo Loco - I LOVE THIS CHICKEN..... Thank goodness the closest one is in Santa Maria.  I don't eat the sides.  Just chicken salsa and tortilla (corn, it's better for you)  No cheese!

And here's something that I just recently discovered.  I am more hungry and edgy when I drink Diet Coke.  When I quit diet coke and then cut WAY back on my calories. I didn't mind being hungry.  But then I had a treat..... I gave myself a diet coke and was still eating a low calorie diet and I was jittery and I minded being hungry........ I wanted to eat the kitchen cabinets!  And I was mean.  It seemed that when I was hungry and not on diet coke I was more patient, not so much whilst riding high on diet coke!

This is a good start.  The key is consistency, consistency, and a degree of will power!  If you finished college, you can do this!  You didn't give up and it was really hard at times!  And it's okay to be hungry.  And it's okay to cheat.  But you have to tell yourself you can't cheat until you've lost a certain amount.  It'll be worth it and it'll be hard!

And this is just the food part........exercise is just as important.  Start with something small, like a mile a day...... for 4 days.  And find someone to do it with!  Be accountable to a workout buddy.  I would love to be that buddy, but I'm in training and my time is precious,....... sorry, blunt but true!

Find a really fun playlist!  When I am hiking with Bob, I still bring my ipod and have it in 1 ear.  The rhythm keeps me moving faster than I want to go.  Pick a time of day and don't give in.

I put my workout clothes on first think in the morning.  That way I don't have to change again and I'm halfway committed.

And something I just started since I've increased my training for that stupid race.  Dry Shampoo.  I can't wash my hair everyday!  I don't have the time, but I didn't want sweaty head grossness!  So I found this dry shampoo.  Saved me tons of time and I don't have to figure washing my hair into my getting ready time.  And honestly my hair looks better and is healthier for it.  But not everyone can do that.  I have a friend who thinks it's just gross.  She's never said that...... but I can just tell......  I can take a five minute shower and be ready in 15 minutes.

I cannot stress the important of exercise.  You can lose weight with a diet change, but adding exercise not only helps with weight loss it helps with stronger bones, healthier heart and lungs.  You have to make it a part of life, like eating and breathing.  It has to be a priority or it will not happen.  No everyone can afford a gym, but that works for me.  I have a class that I have been attending for 10 years.  9 o'clock M - F.  I have friends there and it's a priority.  I don't schedule anything else during that time.  I'm lucky that I can do that time, but I tell you because you need to find a time.  6 am does not work for me.  Evening's don't work for me.  9 am is my time.  It's perfect.  Sometimes it doesn't work out, but I find time to do something else.  2 o clock on Tuesdays, My sitter takes my kids to piano.  I go walking to the village.  I don't get as much reading done as I'd like and I love to read, but exercise is a bigger priority for me.

Cash is tight, but have you checked out fitness 19.  They have a M W F plan for like 10 dollars a month.  Go on the elliptical for 30 minutes...... boom done and they open very early!  Drink diet coke from a can and not buy at the donut store.  That is at least 10 dollar savings. (I preferred soda fountain much more than can. but I found a reusable cup with a straw that I liked and it was better)  7/11 refills are 99 cents.

Let me know what you think.  This are just some things that work for me.  I will nag you!  You are a beautiful woman, inside and out!  Don't beat yourself up!  You are busy and have young kids.  If you are disciplined you can lose weight fast, but small changes can make a difference too, just slower.


 I'll be stalking you until you do this.  Do you have a empty journal that you can dedicate to this endeavor?  I have one if you want one.

Good Luck
Your own personal NAG!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Lucie!!

It's my sister's Birthday today!  Happy Birthday Lucie!  I love my sister so much.  When we are together we laugh until we cry.  We hardly see each other but when we get together it's like no time has passed between us!  My sister is on the right with her youngest son in the middle and our niece, Shanie,  on the left.

This is my sister at another one of her son's wedding.  That's Derek, isn't he so handsome with his lovely wife Robin.  And I can't forget Jerry, Lucie's husband.

I'm trying to make all my gifts this year and this is what showed up at my sisters door for her birthday!
Cute, huh!  I hope she likes it!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Crafty weekend for New Years

We had some friends over for New Year's Eve.  There were activities for the kids and the adults, but not for a few teenage girls.  So I checked out some blogs and got a few ideas and set up a table.

I saw a cute jewelry holder from thirtyhandmadedays and a great LOVE idea from Amy Butler's free patterns online.  I found some free 70's fonts online and plugged those into my "Sure Cuts Alot" and waala!

I'm not sure this is where they'll end up, but for now it's a good place.  I even had some supplies left over for my Saturday Night babysitter to make a smaller set.  I think Leena's are so adorable.  I like the smaller size!!!

I've tried to rotate this photo....... but alas, tilt your head please.

My Jewelry holder is not finished.  I need to buy more dowels.  We used all of them on New Year's eve.  But cute, eh!

Happy New Year!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Things I would never say to my friends!

Do you ever say something to your children and then stop a minute to think about what just came out of your mouth? Like, "take the dinosaur out of the toilet!"  I would never say something like that to my friends.  Let's take today for example, "Michael!  Get out of the dryer!"  Again something I wouldn't say to my friends.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I finally made it!

At the beginning of the last school year I met an amazing person.  I was new to the school and didn't know anyone.  I volunteered to serve pizza to the kids on Wednesdays with another mom, Lindsey Chaney.  Well let me tell you....!  She is quite talented and an inspiration to me.  When I went to her house, she had this FANTASTIC "Family Rules" canvas that she made herself.  I asked if I could take a picture to copy at home.  I immediately bought blank canvas (well it was on sale at Michael's & how often does that happen! Guess what, now I know, canvas goes on sale a lot....), anyway.  I had the canvas laying around my house for months and finally....

I didn't do family rules, like Lindsey, but I used President Gordon B. Hinkley's B's.  It's very colourful!  I don't think it's as nice as Lindsey's but its a good effort!  Check out Lindsey's blog "thepleatedpoppy"  She shows off all her cool crafts and sells some of it too!  Happy browsing & some shopping too!